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  • Providing superior temperature-controlled logistics services
  • Focused on sustainability and efficiency
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  • AccelefrateSM. Increase service levels. Eliminate inefficiencies.
  • A Higher Standard of Temperature-Controlled Logistics
  • 3rd generation, family-owned regional provider
  • Over 500,000,000 pounds handled per year
  • Automated Frozen Food Repacking Services

Food Safety & Quality Systems

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As a perishable food logistics provider, RLS makes food safety a top priority. Our track record of updating and improving our standard operating procedures has continually ensured the delivery of safe, quality food to the consumer. With food safety receiving ever more scrutiny from U.S. regulators, we have put in place a quality management system that exceeds the requirements of a transportation and warehousing provider.

The system combines operational excellence with company-wide training that identifies and promotes the use of global food safety standards, quality principles, concepts, and technologies. As of the beginning of 2015, all four of our logistics centers are BRC Certified for Storage & Distribution. Our commitment to BRC certification is further assurance to customers that their products are handled in the safest possible manner.

To implement our stringent quality management systems, we have established the Quality, Safety, and Learning (QSL) Committee.  It ensures that all business units and departments within the company work together effectively to deliver wholesome and safe food products to consumers.  The QSL Committee meets every week to review procedures, corrective actions and audit preparations. Composed of managers from all departments of the company, it oversees the development and continual advancement of RLS quality systems.

Client Commitment to Food Safety

The services RLS provides its customers adhere strictly to internationally recognized food safety standards. We are constantly monitoring our Quality Systems and Good Manufacturing Practices and strengthening our HACCP, Food Safety, and Food Defense Programs. In accordance with these programs and in order to exceed federal regulations we ask our clients to supply RLS Logistics with a written commitment to food safety prior to sending product into our facilities. This acknowledgement confirms the client's dedication to providing safe and legal products to the end-user. Since RLS operates multi-client facilities, it is important for us to assure our clients that their products will not be jeopardized by another food manufacturer's products.

Food Safety & Quality Systems Audit Results

Facility Certified Date

Pittston BRC Storage & Distribution 2015.06.10
Newfield BRC Storage & Distribution 2015.01.16
Vineland BRC Storage & Distribution 2015.01.16
Vineland North BRC Storage & Distribution 2015.01.16
Newfield BRC Food Safety 2014.07.10
Pittston BRC Storage & Distribution 2014.06.18
Newfield BRC Storage & Distribution 2014.01.23
Vineland AIB 2013.07.30
Pittston AIB 2013.07.29
Newfield AIB 2013.04.24

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