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RLS Gainshare Program

In SHAPE Poster (PDF)

At RLS Logistics, we utilize a system of management called “gainsharing” to achieve higher levels of service through the involvement and participation of our associates. If the company gains by attaining high service levels and saves money while doing it, we share the savings with the associates who help us achieve those goals. It's a self-funded system that is based on high performance and continuous improvement.

We assess our facilities in five key areas: Safety, Housekeeping, Accuracy, Productivity and Energy (SHAPE). We measure each area closely each month and communicate the results to our associates and customers. As performance improves, our associates share financially in the gain. We pay a quarterly “gainshare” to all associates in our Warehousing Group if we achieve our goals. Associates can earn 1% of their gross pay for each of the 5 areas. For example, if we attain two out of the five goals, the associates get 2% of their gross pay at the end of the quarter. If we achieve all 5 goals, they get 5% added. It's a "gainshare" and not a bonus because it's a merit-based system.

In place for approximately 6 years, our In Shape Gainshare Program has proven to be a highly motivating force for associates to improve their performance. Monthly assessments of our facilities have determined that our service levels are very high when we are achieving high levels in each of the SHAPE areas.