• Focused on sustainability and efficiency
  • 3rd generation, family-owned regional provider
  • RLS Vineland
  • Providing superior temperature-controlled logistics services
  • RLS Newfield
  • 15,000,000 cubic feet of refrigerated storage space
  • RLS Pittston
  • Over 500,000,000 pounds handled per year
  • High volume value-added packaging services
  • AccelefrateSM. Increase service levels. Eliminate inefficiencies.
  • Automated Frozen Food Repacking Services
  • A Higher Standard of Temperature-Controlled Logistics

Brand Marketers

Since brand marketers typically have no production capabilities, they rely heavily on their co-packers to keep them supplied with enough inventory to satisfy demand. We have experience coordinating the inbound transfers from our clients’ co-packer sites expeditiously so our clients can increase their fill rates to their customers. Frequently, there are multiple co-packers dispersed across a wide geographic region.

Our client portal, NetView, also helps brand marketers plan re-order quantities from their co-packers in order to meet their customers’ demands. Our dedicated customer service coordinators also augment our clients’ internal customer service departments by aiding in order management and ensuring orders are filled properly.

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