• RLS Newfield
  • Providing superior temperature-controlled logistics services
  • RLS Pittston
  • RLS Vineland
  • Focused on sustainability and efficiency
  • Over 500,000,000 pounds handled per year
  • 3rd generation, family-owned regional provider
  • 15,000,000 cubic feet of refrigerated storage space
  • AccelefrateSM. Increase service levels. Eliminate inefficiencies.
  • Automated Frozen Food Repacking Services
  • High volume value-added packaging services
  • A Higher Standard of Temperature-Controlled Logistics

Distributors — Foodservice, Retail, and Wholesale

From cold storage used for seasonal spike requirements to consolidating vendor shipments into full truckloads, we can service food distributors in a variety of ways

For foodservice distributors who may want to purchase additional stocks due to a promotion, seasonal demand, or to take advantage of lower spot market prices, we can help with temporary storage in order to help them save money. We also have several distributor clients who use our transportation services in order to consolidate LTL shipments from their multiple vendors. We make pickups on a regional basis and consolidate the product at our cross-dock. The distributor then arranges for full truckload shipments to their DC’s, whether it's with their own transportation network or utilizing our TL Brokerage service.

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