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  • AccelefrateSM. Increase service levels. Eliminate inefficiencies.
  • High volume value-added packaging services
  • A Higher Standard of Temperature-Controlled Logistics
  • Over 500,000,000 pounds handled per year
  • Providing superior temperature-controlled logistics services
  • RLS Newfield
  • Automated Frozen Food Repacking Services
  • Focused on sustainability and efficiency
  • 3rd generation, family-owned regional provider
  • RLS Vineland
  • 15,000,000 cubic feet of refrigerated storage space

Forward Warehousing

Reduce Manufacturing Costs

RLS’ forward warehousing is significantly reducing manufacturing costs for a growing number of food manufacturers with small production runs who need to fulfill their customer orders on a weekly basis. With forward warehousing they are no longer forced to start up and shut down their lines in order to produce relatively small quantities of certain products. They can increase their production runs and ship their product to our cold storage facility.  The extra costs associated with utilizing the services of a private warehouse company are far outweighed by the cost savings experienced with longer production runs.

Increase Fill Rates and On-Time Delivery

A forward distribution center is one of the most cost-effective ways to fulfill delivery requirements for customers who need multiple deliveries each week.  It eliminates any customer dissatisfaction that can arise from late deliveries and low fill rates when a production plant is at a far distance from the customer base.  

Eliminate the Need for a Major Capital

Our forward warehouse eliminates the need for the major capital expenditure of establishing a company owned cold-storage facility. Most food companies are trending toward outsourcing logistics and believe that capital can be put to better use with new production lines or sales and marketing efforts.

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