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LTL Consolidation

Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs

For companies that don't have the ability to maintain an inventory, or who wish to reduce their inventory carrying costs, can ‘make to order’ and utilize our LTL/Cross-Docking solution.

The challenge of ‘making to order’ is that food companies need consistent weekly pickup service at their facility.  Our LTL solution provides that service. 

‘Making to Stock’ is Not an Option

Certain perishable products that have a shelf life of less than a month typically do not get ‘made to stock’. By its very nature this type of product needs to be ‘made to order’.

Eliminate the Challenge of
Northeast Deliveries

Last-mile deliveries to the Northeast US can be a major burden for food processors or the delivering carrier. Food companies, or other logistics providers, often drop orders destined for the Northeast at our cross-dock and have us handle the final delivery. The result is better on-time performance as well as reduced costs. 

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