RLS Logistics is a third-generation family-owned and operated company that’s been in the business of handling temperature-controlled food since 1968. A major advantage of dealing with a strong, regional family-owned logistics provider is that clients receive the highest level of service because the owners are hands-on in the daily management of the business. At the same time, clients have access to the technology, knowledge, solutions, and food defense systems that a national provider offers. Being a family-owned company allows us to make quicker key decisions, increasing our flexibility, which ultimately benefits our clients.


Unlike other 3PL’s, RLS is equally focused on transportation, warehousing, and packaging. Other providers typically have one key strength and their other services are secondary. When transportation, warehousing, and packaging are combined, clients have access to one provider for all their temperature-controlled supply chain needs. This frees them from having to arrange and coordinate multiple service providers, which can lead to inefficiency in the supply chain, inconsistent performance, and lack of accountability.


With the increased emphasis on Food Safety and accountability in the cold chain, it is important to choose a provider that embraces these changes by evaluating its own standards and continually improving upon them. At RLS, we consistently exceed our own self-imposed and customer-required audits. Although not required, we have taken on the challenge of maintaining BRC certification at all of our locations. Our commitment to BRC certification and food safety is a further assurance to clients that their products are handled in the safest possible manner.


Every department within RLS is held accountable to our Perfect Order Index (POI). The POI is the measure of our ability to deliver our customers’ orders with the correct quantity, product, and lot, at the right temperature, on-time, damage-free, and then invoice them correctly. Each department is responsible to fulfill its responsibilities to achieve this perfect order. When our POI is at or above our goal, our customers experience a high level of service they expect from us. While a number of other providers simply measure themselves based on client imposed KPIs, we impose a higher standard on ourselves. For us to consider ourselves successful, we must achieve the Perfect Order on each client’s order.


With an estimated 36% of the total population on the east coast, RLS facilities are strategically located to effectively and efficiently pick up and deliver within this geographic area. Our Pittston, PA facility is located at the junctions of I-81 and I-84, making it an ideal location to service the entire northeast as well as a premium distribution point for the entire country. Our headquarters in Newfield, NJ is in close proximity to all major east coast ports, allowing us to serve international clients in a cost-effective manner. Our consolidation center’s location makes for faster transit times up and down the east coast.

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A Little Bit About RLS

RLS Logistics is a privately held, family-run company with the third generation of the Leo family handling the day-to-day operations. Originally founded as R. Leo & Son Mushroom Farm, the company transformed itself over the years into one of the region’s leading temperature-controlled logistics providers offering transportation, warehousing, packaging and distribution services. The tradition of quality service at a fair price has helped make RLS Logistics the premier third-party logistics company it is today.

Green Initiatives


With energy consumption being the second highest expense of a typical cold storage facility (only labor is higher), the reduction of waste and the improvement in efficiency is a primary goal. To reduce our usage and keep our services priced competitively, we have invested in a number of “green initiatives” that not only support a sustainable environment, but also save our clients money. Our “green” strategy includes the following initiatives:

RLS Green Initives


Implementing a robust energy monitoring system to track energy consumption. This system compares current performance with a baseline model based on historical usage at various production levels and weather conditions. The monitoring system then tracks actions taken and measures their impact on energy efficiency.



Conducting intensive facility tune-ups (sometimes referred to as retro-commissioning) to identify opportunities for optimizing energy-consuming equipment and systems at RLS facilities. Solar fields have been installed at our Newfield, NJ Logistics Center and our Delanco, NJ Logistics Center. We derive 100% of our power from solar at these sites.



Addressing each of the opportunities identified during the tune-up. Then, shifting to a continuous improvement mode, where additional opportunities are determined and addressed to drive incremental improvements and further reduce environmental impact over time. LED lighting has been installed at all of our logistics centers.

Take a Look at Our Solar and LED Programs


We took another step toward a sustainable energy future with the commissioning of a 257 kilowatt solar array on the roof of our logistics center in Newfield, NJ. Not only does the power generated by the array provide us with instant cost savings and a reduced dependence on grid power, it does so from a clean, renewable source.
The array produces over 300,000 kilowatt hours a year, enough electricity to power 25 typical homes in the United States. The corresponding reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (200 tons per year) is equivalent to taking 40 cars off the road or avoiding 70 tons of landfill waste each year.
The array will deliver energy cost savings over the life of the system, which is expected to be at least 25 years.


To reduce our environmental impact and improve the quality and quantity of light for employees at our Pittston facility, we upgraded to fluorescent and sensor-controlled LED lighting fixtures. We replaced T-12 fluorescent and metal halide lighting fixtures with T-8 fluorescents throughout the office space and LEDs throughout our freezer warehouse and loading dock areas.
In addition to improving working conditions, the lighting upgrade has enabled us to shed 127.24 kW from the Pittston facility. The corresponding reduction in CO2 is equivalent to planting 117 acres of trees, saving 48,235 gallons of gas, and removing 75 cars from the road.


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