Markets & Client Types

RLS handles a variety of frozen and refrigerated food products, most of which fall into two main categories — finished goods and raw materials. We consolidate and deliver our finished goods customers’ products to over 2,200 foodservice and retail distributors- in all 48 contiguous states- on a guaranteed schedule. We provide pick-and-pack fulfillment services for our direct-to-consumer customers. Our cold storage facilities serve an important plant support function for our raw material customers. What this means for our customers is we have the experience and capabilities to handle all of your cold chain distribution requirements.


  • Restaurants (independent and chains)
  • Cash & Carry
  • Schools and Universities
  • Institutions


  • Grocery Stores
  • Club Stores
  • In-store Bakeries
  • Specialty Retail (All Natural)
  • Convenience Stores


  • eCommerce
  • Pick-and-Pack Fulfillment
  • B2B and B2C


With such a broad array of experience, we are familiar with the delivery and pickup requirements of our clients’ customers and the different product types they carry. We deliver to most foodservice and retail distributors nationwide at least once per week, which means we can get our clients’ products to market faster than most of our competitors. We also provide a customer pick up service from our cold storage facilities for these same customers. A lot of food service and retail distributors pick up from us already given our great locations near major interstate highways.





From our USDA services to our experience with FDA requirements, RLS can help our importer/exporter clients overcome the challenges of an international supply chain. Through the years we have dealt with numerous meat, fruits & vegetables, and finished product importers and helped with our USDA re-inspection services (I-530). We also provide drayage services to and from the ports of NY/NJ, Philadelphia, and Wilmington DE to provide a single-source solution.
Our cold storage facilities are close to the major ports in the Northeast US, which allows our importer clients to quickly deliver their products to a majority of their customers. Many of our importer/exporter clients use a combination of our solutions, such as our Accelefrate®Consolidation Program. This combined warehousing and transportation solution gives our clients peace of mind that their logistics requirements are handled by one provider, which simplifies coordinating storage and delivery services. With our Accelefrate®program, our clients get the benefit of using a third-party logistics provider that can not only inventory their products but deliver their orders to all 48 contiguous states. To make doing business easy with us for our importer/exporter clients, we have extended customer service hours. This helps overcome the challenges of dealing with different time zones.



A large portion of our clients are manufacturers or processors — each with their own unique challenges. Some processors have limited onsite freezer storage and rely on us for prompt pickups and transfers of their finished goods inventory into one of our warehouses. Others rely on us to maintain an inventory of raw materials and deliver them as needed for production on a timely basis. We understand the high costs of running a production plant and know that even minutes of downtime can add up to significant costs and inefficiencies.
Some manufacturers maintain their finished goods inventory with us and use our regional or national distribution services in order to make final deliveries to their customers. Others who ‘make-to-order’ rely on us to make timely LTL pickups at their plant, cross-dock the orders at our facility, and consolidate those orders into full outbound truck loads.
No matter the type of processor or manufacturer client, we understand their food safety and quality expectations. We are familiar with all GMP requirements and are working towards SQF and BRC certification similar to our manufacturing clients.


From cold storage used for seasonal spike requirements to consolidating vendor shipments into full truckloads, we can serve food distributors in a variety of ways.
For foodservice distributors who may want to purchase additional stocks due to a promotion, seasonal demand, or to take advantage of lower spot market prices, we can help with temporary storage in order to help them save money. We also have several distributor clients who use our transportation services in order to consolidate LTL shipments from their multiple vendors. We make pickups on a regional basis and consolidate the product at our cross-dock. The distributor then arranges for full truckload shipments to their DC’s, whether it’s with their own transportation network or utilizing our TL Brokerage service.




Brokers/Traders typically operate on a moment’s notice and can receive orders quickly or spur of the moment from their customers. We have been working with our Broker/Trader clients for years and understand the timely response they require and expect from us.
We have numerous clients who simply use our cold storage services for their transfer-in-storage needs. These “paperwork” only transactions are very common for us. We also understand there could be new accounts that must be set up quickly so that our Broker/Trader clients can complete a sales order on time. Through proper credit checks, we can assure these accounts are set up in a timely manner so clients can run their business the way they need to.

Brand Marketers

Since brand marketers typically have no production capabilities, they rely heavily on their co-packers to keep them supplied with enough inventory to satisfy demand. We have experience coordinating the inbound transfers from our clients’ co-packer sites expeditiously so our clients can increase their fill rates to their customers. Frequently, there are multiple co-packers dispersed across a wide geographic region.
Our client portal, NetView, also helps brand marketers plan re-order quantities from their co-packers in order to meet their customers’ demands. Our dedicated customer service coordinators also augment our clients’ internal customer service departments by aiding in order management and ensuring orders are filled properly.