Rosario Leo Building
2185 Main Road Newfield, NJ 08344
(856) 694-2500
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The RLS Corporate Office is strategically located next to our largest logistics center in Newfield, NJ and is home to both our Shared Services Department and executive management team. Our Shared Services group includes our Sales, Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology and Quality Systems staff. This team is an integral part of our organization and is responsible for providing dedicated people, processes and systems support for all of our facilities and transportation division.

We run our company with a combined decentralized and centralized approach. While all back office support is handled at corporate by the Shared Services team, all customer service representatives and facility operations management are on-site in Newfield, Vineland, Pittston, and Mt. Laurel. We feel that having customer service personnel and top operations managers at the facility is integral to providing a customer-oriented quality service. Each site and division is responsible for catering to individual customers’ needs, and are not subject to inflexible procedures that are mandated by a central process. We do maintain standard operating procedures that are applicable to all divisions in areas including food safety, quality systems, productivity, and others, to keep our operation as efficient as possible.

We are proud of our hands-on and accessible management team. If you don’t find them here in our corporate offices, then you will find them fully engaged at one of our five logistics centers.