Cold storage warehousing, temperature-controlled storage, GFSI (BRCGS) certified facilities, inventory control

Cold Storage Warehousing

RLS Logistics offers some of the most comprehensive temperature-controlled storage facilities in the region with frozen and cooler warehousing space. Our multi-temperature capabilities meet the most stringent requirements for handling a broad range of perishable foods.

Modern, safe, and secure, our facilities are highly energy-efficient and cost-effective for product handling. All of our cold storage warehouses are GFSI certified for Storage & Distribution by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) – Global Standard. Our Warehouse Management System provides real-time inventory control, just-in-time order management, productivity tracking, and customized reporting. Dedicated temperature-controlled warehousing services are available to customers looking for a customized facility tailored to their specific needs.

We continuously measure our facilities in five key areas: safety, housekeeping, accuracy, productivity, and energy. We have been tracking these key performance indicators for years and know that when we meet our goals in these areas, we are providing outstanding service to our customers. In fact, all Cold Storage associates get a quarterly gain share based on how well we score in each of the five areas.

Our safety score and In SHAPE Gainshare program consists of achieving a high level safety record. We routinely hold meetings with all warehouse team members and review key safety procedures. The housekeeping score entails regular unannounced inspections by facility management, GMP audit results, and an internal self-scoring process on maintaining a “tour-ready” facility. All warehouse associates are trained in Good Warehousing Practices and proper food safety procedures.

We measure cases shipped, locations and cases counted, and any discrepancies reported to obtain our overall accuracy score. This metric is obviously one of the most important to our customers, and one we regularly share and communicate to customers and associates.

Finally, we track pallets and cases handled per hour, along with our length of service at our loading docks, to determine our productivity score. Customers expect fast turnaround of trucks at our facilities, and given the detention charges faced by many companies, we feel this is an important area to measure and continuously work to improve.

The five areas above are an integral part of our cold storage warehousing operations. That is why we measure them so closely, and pay a quarterly In SHAPE Gainshare if we meet our goals. If we meet our goal four consecutive quarters, we then raise our goal. We believe that is key to continuously improving the people and processes employed by our company.


Mobile Racking System




Forward Warehousing

RLS’ forward warehousing is significantly reducing manufacturing costs for a growing number of food manufacturers with small production runs who need to fulfill their customer orders on a weekly basis. With forward warehousing, they are no longer forced to start up and shut down their lines in order to produce relatively small quantities of certain products. They can increase their production runs and ship their product to our cold storage facility.  The extra costs associated with utilizing the services of a private warehouse company are far outweighed by the cost savings experienced with longer production runs.

RLS Warehouse


A forward distribution center is one of the most cost-effective ways to fulfill delivery requirements for customers who need multiple deliveries each week.  It eliminates any customer dissatisfaction that can arise from late deliveries and low fill rates when a production plant is at a far distance from the customer base.

RLS Warehouse


Our forward warehouse eliminates the need for the major capital expenditure of establishing a company-owned cold-storage facility. Most food companies are trending toward outsourcing logistics and believe that capital can be put to better use with new production lines or sales and marketing efforts.


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