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Refrigerated and Frozen Food Fulfillment

The power of consumer spending is changing the cold chain industry. Consumers’ want for fresh food and need for convenience has reshaped marketing for retailers. The demand for direct to consumer fulfillment has created a new avenue for revenue in the...

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Smiling manager in fulfillment center

Cold Storage Warehouse Opening Near Philadelphia Ports

RLS Logistics is excited to announce their newly constructed facility that is due to open in Summer of 2018. This new state of the art cold storage warehouse near Philadelphia Ports, I-295 and NJ Turnpike is ideal for distribution to major markets in...

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Delanco, NJ warehouse opening near Philadelphia ports.

Choosing The Right Fulfillment Center

Fulfillment CentersFulfilling customer orders quickly, while maintaining product quality and shipping accuracy is a major challenge for many e-commerce businesses today. Merchants that sell frozen or refrigerated foods and beverages online must take...

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Cold Chain Logistics: Managing & Maintaining Standards

Globalization has given a boost to world trade. To provide your clients with best possible services, you need to maintain strong business standards throughout your supply chain and geographies. However, the concept is further complicated in the global...

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RLS Logistics Celebrates 50th Anniversary

RLS Logistics, a third-party logistics company, has reached an exciting milestone as the company prepares to celebrate its 50th year anniversary. Originally founded as R. Leo & Son Mushroom Farm in 1968, RLS has transformed itself into one of the...

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RLS is Increasing its Capabilities by Expanding West

This Fall- October 2017, RLS Logistics opened its 6th facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. This new site expands RLS’ direct-to-consumer fulfillment, cold storage warehousing and transportation solutions for their clients. “With this new addition and RLS’ current east...

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