RLS assembles dynamic team to guide national expansion

Sep 30, 2020 | News

(Mt. Laurel, New Jersey – September 30, 2020) – RLS Logistics, a leading provider of cold chain solutions, and its affiliates announced a string of new hires and promotions supporting its national expansion plans. The moves include co-founding RLS Partners with Tom Casey, a noted business leader, entrepreneur, and veteran of the cold storage industry. His involvement is bolstered by promoting another industry leader, Ken Johnson, to Chief Operating Officer, RLS Warehousing Group and Ron Pack, Vice President, Technology.

These moves further RLS’ goal to provide food manufacturers and entrepreneur-led cold storage companies an unprecedented platform and national network. The changes within the RLS organizations are designed to support the entrepreneurial spirit and family values at the core of the RLS Warehouse Partners program.

Tom Casey, Chief Investment Officer, RLS Partners

Casey brings over thirty years’ leadership experience as CEO, CFO, board member, and banker. His industry expertise extends from consumer business and food manufacturing to cold storage and investment banking. As the CIO of RLS Partners, Casey oversees the allocated capital to acquire and develop cold chain businesses in the United States and Canada. Before joining RLS Partners, he was a co-founder, CIO, and CFO of Emergent Cold, which he built into a top 10 global cold storage business.

Casey developed his financial leadership skills and cool head as an investment banker at leading firms, including Dillon, Read & Co, Merrill Lynch, Salomon Brothers (Citigroup), and Deutsche Bank—as well as during his time serving in the Navy aboard a nuclear submarine. Casey brings the right financial and entrepreneurial skillset to his new role helming the company’s national expansion. And as a father of six, RLS’ family values are second nature to him.


Ken Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, RLS Warehousing Group

Johnson is a cold storage industry veteran who has moved through the ranks from his prior position as RLS’ Executive Vice President, Warehousing Group. In addition to his current responsibilities, he will also oversee the integration and operations of the new Warehouse Partners in RLS’ national network by sharing best practices and implementing operational standards. In doing so, Johnson will continue what he’s already been doing successfully for current RLS locations. 
Scaling the network of family-operated facilities is a natural for Johnson. From his 26-year tenure at MTC Logistics, he has decades of experience in cold chain optimization, operations management, freight, team member development, and warehouse operations. Prior to joining RLS, Johnson served as MTC Logistics’ Senior Vice President of Operations.
Ron Pack, Vice President of Technology, RLS Logistics
RLS Logistics’ Director of IT, Ronald Pack, has been promoted to Vice President of Technology. In this newly-created position, Pack will oversee the technology integrations at each Warehouse Partner location, including implementing RLS’ Anello online customer portal at each site.  

RLS’ robust technology stack provides the Warehouse Partners with tools for growing their business and increasing their competitiveness. Pack is charged with making it happen by getting the Warehouse Partners converted to a single technology platform. 

Unified technology is a key capability that large cold storage providers leverage, and it’s one that food manufacturers need to expand distribution while maintaining inventory visibility. That makes Pack’s role paramount to the success of the Warehouse Partners program. He brings a valued combination of IT chops and industry insight.  


Edward Shehwen, Vice President of Acquisitions, RLS Partners

Shehwen’s primary focus is the nationwide expansion plan that was recently announced. He has over eight years of experience working in the financial industry. This experience supports his role in acquisitions and includes financial modeling, due diligence, forecasting and budgeting. His past roles include 5 years at a global investment bank and several more at a small investment company.

Shehwen graduated from Georgetown University in 2012. He is a natural team leader and lateral thinker. “I’ve always believed that if you get enough smart people in a room, good things happen,” he says. “When I look around at RLS Logistics and RLS Partners, I think we’re off to a good start.”


Sherry Everett, Billing Supervisor, RLS Logistics

The consummate RLS’er, Everett sees her personal vision of integrity, family and growth as paralleling RLS’ mission. “As with RLS, family is the most important thing,” she says. “My family is what drives my ambition.” The ambition has pushed Everett to specialize in billing for both freight brokerage and consolidated freight. It’s also led to successive promotions over her past seven years with RLS. Before being promoted to billing supervisor, she was a billing specialist and a billing team lead.
Collin Krall, Key Account Business Development Coordinator, RLS Logistics

With a relatively new bachelor’s degree in international business and marketing from Temple University, Krall has continuously outperformed his quota and quickly risen through the ranks at RLS Logistics. 

His internship with The Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia taught him the critical role of community in business. “Like RLS, I am very focused on doing what’s best for our people,” Krall explains. “I admire RLS for finding solutions that best fit the people we are responsible for, whether it be our customers or employees, we are focused on making it work for them by being flexible and empathic to their struggles, aspirations, and goals.”


With the Warehouse Partners business model in place, people are the key to getting the execution correct. Tony Leo, CEO, RLS Warehousing Group, explains, “Promoting these individuals and partnering with the best people in the industry aligns with our strategic plan and long term vision for RLS. I am confident their belief in our cultural values of being humble, hungry, and smart will help the Warehouse Partners Program to succeed and our customers to thrive in the coming years.”


ABOUT RLS LOGISTICS: Headquartered in Newfield, NJ, RLS Logistics is a family-owned, third-party logistics provider specializing in value-added cold chain solutions including LTL and FTL transportation, cold storage warehousing, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment. Founded in 1968, the company has been owned and managed by the Leo family for over 50 years and has grown into a leading integrated cold chain 3PL. For more information, visit www.rlslogistics.com.

ABOUT RLS PARTNERS: Headquartered in Mt. Laurel, NJ, RLS Partners is a joint venture formed by seasoned industry acquisition professionals, capital resources, and an industry leading family owned cold chain 3PL- RLS Logistics. By creating a network of best-in-class cold chain operators, RLS will offer its customers a top-tier regional platform with national scale supported by service levels only a family operated company can provide.