Integrated Logistics

Accelefrate® offer integrated logistics solutions designed to save time and money for your company. These programs allow you to focus on your core business and have RLS manage the day to day transportation needs.


Multi-Vendor Consolidation (MVC)

Eliminate the inefficiencies of coordinating with multiple logistics providers. RLS’ integrated transportation and warehousing solutions eliminate the opportunity for mishaps by taking a holistic approach to your supply chain.

Reduce transportation costs with the convenience of dealing with one quality logistics and cold storage provider, your company can save 20%-40% on traditional supply chain costs.


Managed Transportation Solution (MTS)

Increase service quality by partnering with a responsible team of cold chain experts. Our team of cold chain experts, our systems, and flexibility eliminate the use of having multiple partners.

Decrease overhead costs of hiring a full-time logistics department. Accelefrate® handles truckload and LTL orders in a cost-effective manner. With an assigned RLS team member, they can manage all aspects of your logistical needs.

Amoroso's Case Study

Amoroso’s Baking Co. Realizes Significant Reduction in Distribution Costs Using RLS Logistics’ Accelefrate Consolidation Program. Distributing products in over 40 states can be a challenge according to Bob Rector, Director of Amoroso’s Baking Co.’s Frozen Foods Division. “We are an east coast company,” he explained. “In order to compete in states where there are local bakeries, we have to keep our delivered prices lower. The new AccelefrateSM multi-vendor freight consolidation program from RLS Logistics gives us that competitive advantage. It allows us to cost-effectively distribute products to any of our customers anywhere in the United States.”


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