Cost Savings & Sales Growth Case Study

Discover how our Managed Transportation Solution resulted in over 20%+ cost savings for frozen and refrigerated food manufacturer.

During an annual review with a frozen food manufacturer, RLS and the company explored opportunities to enhance the efficiency of the customer’s supply chain to control costs. It became evident that the Customer was an ideal candidate for RLS’s Accelefrate® Managed Transportation Solutions (MTS) Program.

At a Glance

The customer had a rich heritage of producing top quality frozen foods, following time honored standards and recipes. Their frozen products were well received by both large and small food service companies and retail chains. They had recently been awarded a large contract from a large retailer.

The complexity of their supply chain has always posed a challenge, especially when transporting frozen goods. The pressure to meet strict delivery deadlines for high profile clients also added to the demands. The customer faced the ongoing challenge of producing sufficient products while adhering to rigorous food safety standards and several raw material suppliers.

Although their logistics had evolved over the years to meet their requirements, the company had grown to the point where their current process could not keep up with changing requirements. RLS recognized the opportunity to generate substantial savings on inbound and outbound distribution by looking at the network holistically and using advanced technology. However, achieving this goal would not be without its difficulties. The team encountered three major challenges within their supply chain.


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