Warehouse Partners

Our warehouse partners network is built of trusted, hands on, and committed family run 3PL companies within the U.S.A. and Eastern and Western Canada.


Consolidation has created an opportunity for a top tier regional platform with national scale supported by service levels only a family operated company can provide.



Our Regional Warehouse Partners

RLS Alliance

RLS Alliance provides cold storage warehousing and 3PL temperature-controlled transportation in Ontario and Riverside CA.

RLS Performance

RLS Performance provides deep-frozen and cold storage warehousing in Salt Lake City, UT, including temperature-controlled 3PL transportation.

RLS Hutt

RLS Hutt is our frozen warehouse partner in Holland, MI offering frozen and refrigerated warehousing as a Michigan trucking company.

RLS Merchants

RLS Merchants provides cold storage warehousing and blast freezing solutions in Walton, KY, including access to Norfolk Southern rails.

Benefit from Local Logistics Providers with National Connections

Entrepreneurial Driven

Partner with entrepreneurial professionals without the bureaucracy of the large cold storage providers.

Data Driven Results

Real time access to critical data about your supply chain that is essential to running your business within one platform, anello.


Receive family operated responsiveness. Spend less time on logistics, more time in your business.


Grow and receive service that matches your company’s size and needs from top tier regional providers on a national scale.

Customer Experience

Our cold chain experts provide the highest standard of customer experience at every touchpoint.

Cold Chain Experts

Work with professional and reliable cold chain experts! No matter the location, you’ll receive the same high quality service.

Extensive National Reach

The cornerstone of our plan is to partner with existing best in class operators in ten to twelve megaregions of the U.S., as well as Eastern and Western Canada. Food manufacturers can seamlessly expand into new markets with the benefit of trusted relationships, hands on involvement, and the commitment of a family run company.

Warehouse Partners News

RLS National Network Propels to Top 10 Cold Chain Providers in North America with Two Acquisitions

RLS Logistics, a leading third party cold chain 3PL, through its affiliate RLS Partners, recently welcomed two additional partners and members of the RLS network of cold chain solution providers: Hutt Trucking and Logistics (Holland, MI) and Performance Cold Storage (Salt Lake City, UT). The companies will be known as RLS Hutt and RLS Performance.

The addition of RLS Hutt and RLS Performance drives RLS into the top ten cold chain providers in North America, offering over 55 million cubic feet of cold storage capacity.

Warehouse Partners News

Performance Cold Storage Joins Warehouse Partner Network

Performance Cold Storage, Salt Lake City, UT, as a warehouse partner and member of the RLS network of cold chain solutions providers. The company will be known as RLS Performance. RLS Performance’s 130,000 square foot operation provides cold chain solutions with deep frozen cold storage warehousing in addition to frozen and refrigerated temperatures, valued added case picking, and transportation services.

Warehouse Partners News

Cold Storage and Trucking Company, Hutt Trucking, Joins National Network

Hutt Trucking and Logistics, Holland, MI, recently joined as a partner and member of the RLS network of cold chain solutions providers, now known as RLS Hutt. RLS Hutt, a 3PL warehouse specializing in cold storage and asset based trucking, brings over 35 years of cold chain experience and a team of industry specialists. A leading temperature controlled warehouse in Hudsonville, MI area, RLS Hutt offers cold storage warehousing and transportation services, specializing in frozen and deep frozen temperatures for cold chain solutions.