“We are an east coast company. In order to compete in states where there are local bakeries, we have to keep our delivered prices lower. The new Accelefrate┬« multi-vendor freight consolidation program from RLS Logistics gives us that competitive advantage. It allows us to cost-effectively distribute product to any of our customers anywhere in the United States.”

Vincent Giordano Corporation of Philadelphia, PA, one of the top 200 meat-processing companies in the U.S., has high praise for RLS Logistics’ services. “We’ve been doing business with RLS Logistics for over 20 years,” said Bruce Belack, vice president of sales and marketing for Giordano’s. “They offer competitive pricing and a high level of service. We depend on them to deliver our orders in a timely manner and in good condition.”

One hundred percent of Giordano’s beef deli items are processed and packaged in Pennsylvania under rigorous food safety procedures. “When RLS Logistics takes possession of our orders,” said Belack, “They maintain the required handling needed, whether frozen or refrigerated, to maintain the integrity of the product.” Giordano’s utilizes RLS Logistics’ refrigerated transportation, warehousing and distribution services to supply their premium roast beef, corned beef and pastrami products to retail, foodservice, fast food chain and private label customers nationwide.


Seviroli Foods, premier producer of frozen filled pasta products and the largest manufacturer of tortellini in the U.S. has been doing business with RLS Logistics for over 4 years. Lisa Pusey who is the Controller for Seviroli Foods appreciates the fact that RLS Logistics can “do it all.” As she says, “There are plenty of companies that have frozen warehouses all across the country, but the one thing that sets RLS Logistics apart is their logistics program. A lot of companies don’t have their own logistics program. Without such a program, we would have to arrange for trucks to go in and pick the orders up and make the deliveries to our customers. RLS makes all those arrangements for us.”

Seviroli Foods uses RLS for warehousing, transportation and distribution. “They provide all of these services at very competitive rates,” said Pusey. “RLS ships 65-75% of our orders to customers all across the U.S. and their on-time delivery is very good. We can be sure our products get to our customers on time and in good shape. Products are frozen to our specifications. We’ve never had any problems at all with RLS Logistics in maintaining the integrity of our products.”

Seviroli’s customers include food service, retail and other. Located in Garden City, NY in an 80,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility, the company produces one million pounds of product a week. “We are a USDA inspected plant,” added Pusey. “And, we recently received an ‘Excellent’ rating in an audit conducted by an outside food safety company.” Pusey is especially proud of the quality of pasta that Seviroli Foods produces. “We have a higher pasta to fill ratio than a lot of our competitors,” she explained. “A lot of private label companies come to us to manufacture products for them because of our quality.”


It is our goal to treat every single driver that comes to any of our facilities with respect and in a courteous manner. To help us achieve that, we place driver survey forms at the sign-in windows at our sites. Drivers are encouraged to fill one out. All results are shared with management and our warehouse teams. Below are some of those results:

“My appointment was at 1PM. Your office staff connected with the dock and loaded me early. Thank you very much. The dock personnel staged my load and when I backed into the dock it did not take them very long to load me. I hope your personnel keeps working together like they did today. Please pat them on the back. Have a happy and safe holiday.”

“This is the first survey I have taken about what a driver thinks and expects. A very good idea. You can’t fix a problem if you don’t know it exists. Keep up the good work.”

“One of the good ones. Thank you.”

“Load order was completed before I arrived and it didn’t take long to load onto my truck. Darrell was fast and friendly! Office personnel is great too.”

“Everything about RLS is great. Good people.”

“Better than most. Very Professional.”

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