RLS is an approved Walmart transportation consolidator. We optimize your supply chain needs to meet Walmart’s on time in full performance requirements.

Walmart Consolidation Program

Through our Walmart transportation logistics, suppliers can easily get their products shipped and ready to sell at Walmarts nationwide. The on time performance requirement for Walmart consolidation program partners is 98%. With our program, we deliver to all Walmart Distribution Centers nationwide. 

We offer refrigerated and frozen food companies a simple and easy way to get their products across the U.S. Participation is flexible and straightforward, discover our three ways to get started below. Our team of cold chain experts provides logistics and supply chain management for the orders by combining your shipments with other Walmart suppliers creating efficiencies in the supply chain and day specific service to all DC’s.

3 Ways to Get Involved in Our Walmart Program:


  1. 1. Store Inventory at RLS. Customers can inventory their products at one of RLS’ Northeast Logistics Centers.


  1. 2. Deliver Order to RLS. Customers can deliver pre-tagged orders directly to our cross dock warehouse in Newfield, NJ.


3. RLS Pick up at your Facility. Schedule RLS to pick up the order directly from your facility, anywhere in the country.

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