Cross Docking Warehouse

Get your frozen and refrigerated food products quickly transported domestically with RLS’ cross docking warehouse based out of Newfield, NJ. 

What is a cross docking warehouse?

Cross docking warehouse is a short term 3PL warehouse solution for products that quickly get transported in and out of frozen and refrigerated warehouses and shipped to a consignee. A cross dock warehouse is a cold storage warehouse that receives and unloads inbound trucks, then quickly consolidates and loads outbound trucks to be delivered to various retail, warehouse, and distribution center locations nationwide. The process eliminates the need for a traditional cold storage warehousing solution, as products get transported out of the cross dock facility to their final destination on a regular basis

A cross docking facility is ideal for the frozen and refrigerated food and beverage industry. Warehouse and distribution centers work to reduce inventories; thus, order sizes are smaller and more frequent. Additionally, frozen and refrigerated foods have a shelf life that requires the inventory to turn quickly. A trusted cross docking warehouse partner, like RLS Logistics, with ltl shipping services aligned with your due dates, offers one accountable partner and improves the customer experience.  The proximity of RLS Logistics’ cross dock warehouse in Newfield, NJ allows consistent and prompt service to the metropolitan areas of Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore MD, New York City, NY, and Boston, MA.

Advantages of utilizing a cross dock:

  • Reduce storage space and inventory costs
  • Up to date food safety programs to ensure the highest level of temperature control monitoring and operating procedures
  • Quality control and reinspection on the cross dock reduces product damage and miss ships
  • Reduce delivery time with a cross dock strategically placed near retailers and distribution centers
  • Reduce transportation costs by consolidating a smaller shipment with others going to the same location, only paying for the space you use on the truck
  • Day specific delivery programs to many retail and foodservice centers

Get Involved in RLS  Cross Docking:

  1. Store Inventory at RLS. Customers can inventory their product at one of RLS’ Northeast Logistics Centers.
  2. Deliver Order to RLS. Customers can deliver pre-tagged orders directly to our cross dock warehouse in Newfield, NJ.
  3. RLS Pick up at your Facility. Schedule RLS to pick up the order directly from your facility, anywhere in the country.