Cold Storage

RLS cold storage warehouses are strategically located to maximize supply chain efficiency. Our frozen and refrigerated cold storage facilities are energy-efficient and cost-effective for product handling and are British Retail Consortium (BRC) – Global Standard certified.

Your 3PL Warehouse

RLS Logistics offers comprehensive facilities for temperature-controlled products in its six national 3PL warehouses. Our modern, safe, and secure facilities are energy-efficient and cost effective for temperature-sensitive products. All of our facilities are GFSI certified for Storage & Distribution by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) – Global Standard. Our Warehouse Management System provides real-time inventory control, just-in-time order management, productivity tracking, and customized reporting. Dedicated warehousing services are available to customers looking for a customized facility tailored to their specific needs.

What You Can Expect from Our 3PL Warehouses

  • Multi temperature Storage: RLS provides customers with frozen and refrigerated temperature controlled warehousing.
  • USDA Inspection Services: RLS cold storage facilities comply with all government and USDA regulations.
  • Food Grade Facility: RLS multi temperature capabilities meet the most stringent requirements for handling a broad range of perishable foods.
  • BRC Global Standard Certified: RLS cold storage facilities are held to the highest standard and are GFSI certified for Storage and Distribution.
  • EDI Capabilities: Electronic Data Interchange capabilities increase accuracy and save time.
  • RF Inventory Control: To increase the accuracy of orders, RLS locates and tracks inventory in real time.
  • Online Inventory Control: Our online inventory control allows our customers to control and monitor their inventory and schedule reports from anywhere, anytime.
  • Cross Docking Warehouse: Our temperature controlled cross docking warehouse keeps your products at the proper temperature throughout the cold chain.
  • Business Intelligence: RLS’ Business Intelligence Customer Portal, anello, allows customers to see real-time data regarding their RLS services.

RLS Cold Storage Warehouse Pallet Positions Available in Massachusetts

Demand for cold storage warehouses in Massachusetts for frozen and refrigerated food has been rapidly increasing with no signs of stopping. RLS Logistics and their warehouse partners offer food manufacturers in Springfield, MA, and Boston, MA, areas with much needed public cold chain storage capacity.


RLS Logistics, a third-generation cold chain solutions provider in the U.S., recently created a joint venture that will offer customers the ability to work with regional family-run cold storage providers on a national basis.

Interested in RLS’ Warehousing Services?

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