Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship to?

We proudly ship nationwide in the U.S. to any location so long that is has a loading dock to receive the product.

What types of products do you ship?

For over 50 years, we have been shipping food grade products. These products include consumer goods that are dry or temperature controlled products.

Where are your cold storage locations?

We have cold storage facilities located at Newfield, NJ; Delanco, NJ; Vineland, NJ; Pittston, PA; Salt Lake City, UT.

Do you have ambient storage?

Yes, we have ambient or dry storage located at our Vineland, NJ Logistics Center.

What temperatures do you offer for cold storage?

Zero and 35 degrees

What quality certifications do you have?

We are BRCGS certified at all of our facilities.

What locations do you offer fulfillment solutions at?

Our fulfillment operations work out of our Newfield, NJ, and Salt Lake City, UT Logistics Centers.

Do you have minimums?

The company’s seeking fulfillment solutions must have a 250 minimum per week per fulfillment center.

Do you supply packaging?

While we do not supply packaging, we do have multiple partners that we can connect you with.

What integration capabilities do you have?

Our IT infrastructure can integration with most systems!

How do I become a carrier?

To become a carrier, fill out this form, and our Carrier Manager will reach out to you soon.

What EDI integrations can RLS accommodate?

Our team is capable of accommodating most integrations. Here is a sample of our integrations.

How do I register for the customer platform, anello?

To register for access to our customer platform, anello, please click here.