As a leading 3PL company, customers rely on receiving important data regarding their logistics transactions. Our technology team meets the demand of the market by providing quick and simple integrations across all of our cold chain solutions.

Technology Stack

To be successful in today’s competitive marketplace, companies and third party logistics providers need advanced technology, allowing them to make better decisions faster.  At RLS Logistics, we understand the importance of managing supply chains utilizing leading-edge technology and providing integrations for transportation, frozen food fulfillment and cold storage warehousing customers.

Business Intelligence Customer Platform

RLS Logistics customer platform, anello, offers one of the industry’s most adaptable and robust data driven platforms.  Through the platform, clients have real-time access to critical data and powerful business intelligence 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Adaptable Dashboards
  • Inventory Data
  • Analytics
  • Shipment & Delivery Statistics
  • LTL Rating Tool

Register For anello

anello is accessible for current RLS Logistics customers.

The Power of Integrations

Integrations can minimize or eliminate frustrations within your supply chain operations that lessen your team’s productivity. Your business and 3PL partnership strengthen when implemented correctly due to increased efficiencies. Our team can easily accommodate both EDI and API integrations. Here is a sample of our capabilities!

eCommerce Fulfillment and Cold Storage Integration Examples

Transportation Integration Examples

Receive Real Time Rating with API

  • Weather the waves of the market with ease
  • Book freight quickly 
  • Simplify your communications to cover your freight
  • Direct visibility to shipment and delivery statistics
  • Easy set up with our inhouse technology team

RLS Named Top Food Chain Technology for Cold Chain Solutions

RLS Logistics, a leading 3PL company and cold chain solutions provider, announces it was named among Food Shippers’ Top Food Chain Technology Companies for its advancements within their customer platform anello® and plans to improve the customer experience at RLS.