National Temperature Controlled LTL Shipping

Ship your frozen and refrigerated goods worry free with our nationwide LTL shipping teams on time, at the right temperature, and damage-free anywhere in the US!

LTL Shipping

Our LTL shipping program allows customers to choose whether to carry an inventory at an RLS cold storage warehouse or have the product get picked up from one of their facilities. We offer weekly pick-ups from docks, an outside warehouse, or co packer. With this program, customers can utilize our consistent frozen and refrigerated shipping schedules and temperature controlled cross dock facility.

You can eliminate the challenges that come with Northeast Deliveries by dropping off the product at our temperature controlled cross dock facility for deconsolidation. By utilizing our cold storage warehouses, you get the benefit of final mile delivery at reduced rates.

Cross Docking Facility

Cross docking is a logistics function where products are received and distributed directly to consignees without incurring traditional handling and cold storage warehouse fees. After pre tagged, palletized products arrive at our Newfield, NJ cross docking warehouse, our team of cold chain experts consolidate and sort the products onto trucks to be shipped to locations nationwide.

Our cross dock facility is located near metropolitan areas of Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, DE, New York City, NY, and Boston MA. Through this program, customers can ship products to retailers, food services, utilize our Walmart transportation logistics, and more!

Contact us today to partner with our trusted cross docking program to move your products through your supply chain quickly and efficiently today!

Our LTL Shipping Sailing Schedule 

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