How RLS Cold Storage Warehouses Outshine the National 3PL Companies

For over 50 years, we have proudly been the shipper’s choice when it comes to their logistics and supply chain management of frozen and refrigerated foods. As a family owned business offering cold chain solutions, customers benefit from our ability to be nimble in making decisions without bureaucracy, quick responsiveness that only family owned businesses provide, and scalability with your company growth.

There’s no denying we’ve entered an age of giants where big brands dominate almost every industry. Cold storage warehouses are no exception. In fact, over 60% of public cold storage operations in the U.S. are owned by only a handful of companies. These few prominent players leave a heavy footprint, often trampling or stepping over essential aspects within the logistics and supply chain management relationship along the way—customer service, support, and innovation included.

Understanding the significance of these aspects to frozen and refrigerated food companies has inspired our family owned, privately held company to buck the trends and build on one of the country’s most advanced 3PL companies based in New Jersey.

“It’s unusual to have a company like RLS that’s partnering with other family owned cold storage that can go toe to toe with the big 3PL companies in the industry—and that still values good service, is vigilant about food safety, and can give customers the room they need to grow,” says John Gaudet, Vice President of Business Development, RLS Logistics.

“In today’s cold storage space, the Goliaths are building bigger and bigger. They’re funded by private equity money, and for them, it’s all about real estate and getting an ROI for the PE firms. All they care about are process and profit at the expense of providing service and support—and it leaves customers vulnerable,” he says. “That’s why we decided to take on an outlier approach. To provide the service and support medium and large refrigerated and frozen food companies require with the personal touch of a family owned operation.”

RLS’ outlier approach comes at an opportune time to capitalize on long and short-term trends going on in the temperature controlled logistics and supply chain management industry. According to Gaudet, “We’re dealing with a nationwide shortage of cold storage warehouse space. The growth of eCommerce during the pandemic disrupted supply chains, leaving little room for inventory to swell.”

RLS’ response to the shortage is to invest in the cold chain warehouse sector of the industry. This will boost not only cold chain storage, but also eCommerce fulfillment pick and pack solutions, and a robust less than truckload shipping transportation network utilizing their cross docking facility located near Philadelphia, PA.

Here at RLS, our nationwide team of cold chain experts can help you obtain a quick foothold into new markets by utilizing our cold chain solutions nationwide:

  • Partner with entrepreneurial professionals without the bureaucracy of the large cold storage providers.
  • Family operated responsiveness on all your inquiries.
  • Receive the highest standard of customer service.
  • Grow and receive service that matches your company’s size and needs from top-tier regional providers on a national scale.

For customers who want to work with a best in class 3PL company, connect with our Business Development team today.

ABOUT RLS LOGISTICS: Headquartered in Newfield, NJ, RLS Logistics is a family-owned, third-party logistics provider specializing in value-added cold chain solutions, including LTL and FTL transportation, cold storage warehousing, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment. Founded in 1968, the company has been owned and managed by the Leo family for over 50 years and has grown into a leading integrated cold chain 3PL. For more information, visit





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