Accelefrate: Integrated Logistics Management Goes National

Aug 2, 2019 | Cold Storage & Logistics, News, Refrigerated Trucking

RLS Logistics announced today that they are expanding their highly successful integrated logistics program, Accelefrate. The move will allow customers who do not maintain inventory at an RLS warehouse facility to take advantage of the company’s managed transportation expertise.

RLS integrated logistics team members hard at work.“As supply chains become increasingly more complex, so do the needs of shippers who must get goods from their point of origin to their customers on time, at the right temperature, while being cost-effective,” said Russell Leo, RLS President/CEO, Transportation Group.

“Therefore, it is critical that you have a 3PL partner with an innovative, holistic approach to logistics and supply chain management that can build upon your strategic goals. Regardless of the size of your company, RLS can craft a solution to help you with your most complex logistics challenges.”

According to RLS Vice President of Business Development John Gaudet, “The Accelefrate Program was originally introduced as a Multi-Vendor Freight Consolidation Program (MVC) which offers customers significantly reduced costs, and the convenience of dealing with one trusted logistics provider. Customers in the MVC program maintain inventory at an RLS facility and use our transportation services to deliver their orders to destinations throughout the 48 contiguous states with competitive rates, set sailing schedules, and an unlimited consignee base for both frozen and refrigerated goods.”

Based on the positive response and demonstrated cost savings customers have achieved utilizing Accelefrate MVC, RLS executives decided to expand the program for transportation customers who carry their own inventory or warehouse at another facility. This new Managed Transportation Solutions Program (MTS) provides a fully integrated option for customers to achieve cost savings utilizing the best mode and routing for their products.

“Accelefrate MTS is a complete logistics management program designed to increase efficiencies by saving our customers time and money on transportation, allowing them to focus on their core business,” Gaudet continued. “A shipper basically gets an entire logistics department without the overhead cost and headache of having to manage one.”

“Our people are experts in the cold chain industry. We are monitoring market conditions daily and use that information, along with our proprietary software, to get our customers freight delivered the most cost-efficient way without sacrificing service such as on time and in full.”

For more information about RLS Logistics programs and facilities, please contact one of our cold chain experts today at 800-579-9900 or info(at)rlslogistics(dot)com.