Fully Integrated Freight Brokerage with Accelefrate®

Accelefrate® is RLS Logistics’ holistic logistics management service which includes freight brokerage transportation solutions to help save frozen and refrigerated food manufacturers time and money. Through the Accelefrate® Managed Transportation Solutions program, RLS Logistics’ freight brokerage experts evaluate your supply chain to ensure your product is moved in the most cost efficient way possible without sacrificing the highest standard of service and communication. The Cold Chain Experts leverage their expertise, network, and technology to optimize inbound and outbound orders into full truckload, multi stop truckload, and less than truckload shipments.

The transportation industry has faced many challenges in the last sixteen months while trying to keep up with the increasing demand and volume of freight, exasperated by a driver shortage and lack of available trucks on the road. As a result, less than truckload and truckload transportation costs have skyrocketed, leaving many food manufacturers unsatisfied with their current partnering 3PL company on service levels and price.

RLS Logistics understands the common pain points that the industry has been faced with: increasing costs of transportation, diminishing on time delivery goals, and lack of accountability from current providers. RLS Logistics provides Accelefrate® Managed Transportation Solutions Program as a remedy to these issues. A long time frozen prepared foods customer from the New York Metropolitan area is one example of a customer success story utilizing RLS Logistics’ Accelefrate® freight brokerage solution. After a thorough review of the customer’s logistics and supply chain management needs, RLS Logistics was able to accomplish the following:

  • Identify ways to save the customer a significant amount on outbound costs, deciding what loads should ride as LTL, truckload, or truckload with stop off.
  • Create capacity by converting inbound raw materials to customer pickup instead of delivery, offering backhaul opportunities to carriers within RLS’ freight brokerage network delivering to specific states.
  • double the initially forecasted cost savings while maintaining the customer’s high service standards such as on time delivery.
  • Improve accountability by integrating their logistics into a holistic solution with one trusted 3PL partner to communicate with and rely on.
  • Move their frozen pasta products to the nation’s top retailers, food consignees, and warehouses on a more consistent and timelier schedule.
  • Free the customer from day to day management of their logistics by consolidating cold storage warehousing, distribution, shuttle services, and freight brokerage transportation with RLS Logistics.

According to John Gaudet, Vice President of Business Development, RLS Logistics, “What the customer needed was to manage better their outbound and inbound orders to use the most appropriate method of transportation, whether that was LTL, truckload, or continuous moves.”  

Accelefrate® MTS is a holistic approach to solve the common pain points potential customers face with their current logistics and supply chain management provider. Accelefrate® Managed Transportation Solutions (MTS) Program is designed to save your frozen and refrigerated food business time and money on coordinating transportation to destinations nationwide such as food service companies and retail chains. Through RLS Logistics’ freight brokerage, shippers gain a direct line of communication to RLS’ cold chain experts, our leading edge technology, and can decrease overhead costs of having to hire an inhouse logistics department.

“It allows the customer to concentrate on what they do best and have us as their team on the logistics side. Additionally, with our technology, we were able to create a dashboard that lets us know if we are winning or losing in real time,” said Gaudet.

The frozen prepared foods customer states, “There are few 3PL companies that have the scope of what RLS offers. Between their Accelefrate® and Walmart Consolidation Program, we have improved overall on time delivery performance to all of our key customers while reducing cost and inefficiency in our cold supply chain.”

Connect with our Business Development team today to evaluate your logistics needs to see if our Accelefrate® or freight brokerage teams can help you save thousands in transportation costs.

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