RLS Logistics Goes Solar With HelioSage

RLS Logistics, one of the region’s leading temperature-controlled logistics providers, and HelioSage, a national solar project development firm, have annnounced the successful commissioning of a 257 kilowatt solar array at the company’s headquarters in Newfield, New Jersey. The power generated by the array will provide RLS with instant cost savings and a reduced dependence on grid power. Best of all, the project won’t cost RLS a cent.

Under a contract known as a Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, RLS will simply host the solar array and pay a monthly power bill, allowing the company to go solar without any capital outlay. Moreover, the price RLS will pay for solar electricity over the 15-year agreement represents a considerable discount to its current rates for utility power.

Benefits of the HelioSage PPA

A HelioSage Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) presents RLS Logistics with an avenue to solar that presents no capital costs, and no ongoing operations or maintenance costs.

Additional benefits of the PPA include:

  • An immediate reduction in Year 1 electricity prices, and the opportunity for significant cumulative savings over the life of the contract
  • A fixed price schedule for solar electricity and a predictable bill for future budgets
  • A hedge against rising energy prices
  • A 100% turnkey solution

“With HelioSage Energy, we found a partner that was eager to do the hard work necessary to make our vision a reality. Where several other developers failed, HelioSage succeeded—and we’re glad they did.”


Energy Savings in Uncertain Times

Inextricably tied to geopolitics, today’s energy landscape is fraught with speculation and volatility. Spurred by global population growth and the breakneck speed of industrialization in countries like India and China, one certainty in the marketplace is that demand will continue to increase. And as fossil fuels struggle to keep pace, the trend of rising energy prices will continue. In fact, since 2000, commercial retail electricity prices in New Jersey have risen by an average of 5.14% every year.*

By locking in a fixed pricing schedule with a solar PPA, RLS Logistics has taken control of its energy future and stands to save thousands in energy costs every year. Furthermore, by fixing a portion of a critical cost center, RLS now enjoys the ability to budget long term energy costs with precision.

*Energy Information Administration (EIA), 2011

Data Monitoring

How will RLS Logistics monitor system performance and share this information with interested parties like staff, customers or media outlets? Easy—from any computer with an internet connection. Customized performance reports, including real time system output and associated environmental benefits, are delivered to registered users via an online dashboard that comes standard with any HelioSage PPA. When RLS wants to determine how many kilowatt hours of electricity it is saving, or share its reduction in greenhouse gases with the community, the necessary data will only be a click away.

About RLS Logistics

RLS, headquartered in Newfield, New Jersey, is one of the region’s leading temperature-controlled logistics providers offering superior transportation, warehousing, packaging and distribution services. Customers include refrigerated and frozen food processors, importers and marketers, food service distributors, supermarket chains and shopping clubs. To learn more about RLS Logistics, please visit


HelioSage is a solar energy services provider. The company was founded by several of the principals of Greenlight Energy, Inc., one of the country’s largest independent wind energy companies at the time of its sale to BP Alternative Energy in 2006. With experience built upon developing 400 MW of renewable energy projects, HelioSage reduces risk and ensures sound investments in both solar electricity and solar energy systems. For more information about HelioSage, please visit


RLS Logistics
Newfield, NJ

Project Scope

  • Capacity: 257 kilowatts
  • Annual energy production: 300,000
  • kilowatt hours
  • Module: Suntech 275W
  • Inverter: Satcon PowerGate Plus
  • Racking: Genmounts Ballasted
  • Monitoring: DECK

Project Partners

RLS Logistics
Project Developer:
HelioSage, LLC
Dynamic Solar, LLC


The solar array hosted by RLS Logistics won’t just generate power at a competitive price, but from a clean, renewable source. With electricity generation that could power 25 average US homes annually, the array will reduce the facility’s CO2 emissions by 200 tons per year. This reduction is equivalent to taking 40 cars off the road or avoiding 70 tons of landfill waste each year.
It’s another way RLS Logistics is serving its customers, and its community.