Top 3 Reasons for Cold Storage Warehousing in Pittston PA

In today’s fast-paced food manufacturing and distribution world, the ability to store, transport and deliver fresh products is essential. With many food manufacturers located near the New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia ports, the need for cold storage warehouses in the Northeast region is vital. Since RLS’ owns a cold storage warehouse centrally located in Pittston, PA, near Philadelphia, our cold chain experts have had a front row seat to discover why food manufacturers and importers flock to store their products in this city.

1) It is a strategic location in proximity to ports

Pittston, PA is near New York and New Jersey ports, offering a convenient way for businesses to import and export their goods while also providing seamless integration to the RLS transportation network. The port connection offers convenience to customers around the tri-state area, from New York to Philadelphia and New Jersey.

A fact to know: The Port of New York and New Jersey, one of the largest ports in the United States, is within a few hours’ drive from Pittston, PA, near Philadelphia. This proximity to a major international port facilitates import and export activities for food manufacturers, allowing businesses to quickly transport their products to other parts of the country or world via the port.

2) Shippers gain direct access to transportation infrastructure

Located near the central hub of transportation infrastructure, Pittston, PA, by Philadelphia, offers an ideal location for businesses looking to store their perishable and temperature-sensitive frozen and refrigerated cold storage products. With easy access to its many major highways, 65 railroads, six international airports, and ports, businesses gain direct access to this transportation hub by choosing Pittston, PA.

A fact to know: The City of Pittston has intermodal facilities that enable efficient transfer between different modes of transportation, such as rail and trucking. These facilities, like the nearby Pittston CenterPoint Commerce & Trade Park, offer seamless connectivity and allow for streamlined logistics operations. If you are seeking to enter the emerging Northeast market, the transportation hub supporting Pittston will support your supply chain.

3) Pennsylvania cold storage warehouses take food safety seriously

Thirty-three cold storage warehouses have attained the British Retail Consortium Global Standard (BGCGS) Certificate. The BRCGS storage and distribution food safety audit are the global standard that challenges cold storage warehouse teams to adhere to the best practices, risks analysis, quality management, and more. Customers rest easy knowing their products are held to the highest food safety certification in the world when the warehouse follows the BRCGS guidelines and ranks high in the audit.

A fact to know: RLS Logistics cold storage warehouses in Pittston, PA, and its managed warehouse in Lebanon, PA, account for nearly ten percent of Pennsylvania’s BRCGS certified warehouses! Additionally, the Pittston, PA cold storage meets the highest food safety certification ranking AA for their audit.

Overall, the RLS team has proven that Pittston, PA is the ideal location for businesses prioritizing storing and transporting frozen or refrigerated goods.

As food manufacturers look to improve cold storage and transportation capabilities, RLS’ Diamond Experience at their Pittston, PA cold storage warehouse could be the perfect location to fulfill their needs.

RLS’ temperature controlled cold storage warehouse in Pittston offers a wide range of solutions, such as refrigerated and freezer storage and value added services. This flexibility allows businesses to store and distribute various products to suit their needs through RLS’ less than truckload or truckload transportation solutions. Our menu of cold chain solutions enables businesses to choose one solution or many, all with one holistic 3PL company.




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