Why CX is Critical to Cold Chain Solutions

The world of cold chain solutions can be challenging to navigate. From LTL shipping and receiving to cold storage and D2C fulfillment, finding a 3PL warehouse company to handle all of your company’s needs while exemplifying quality and consistent customer experience is hard to come by.

RLS Logistics offers a vast menu of solutions while ensuring its customer experience is top notch. As a family owned company, customer experience means developing deep connections for a lasting partnership, not just a one time transaction.

Our customer experience and marketing teams have teamed up to explore three examples based on RLS partnerships of how customer experience is critical to your business operations. 

A great customer experience allows your business to achieve short and long term goals.

A valuable 3PL partner offers various services, such as managed logistics solutions or strategic cold storage warehouses, allowing manufacturers to expand into multiple markets in the U.S. seamlessly. Furthermore, during your initial conversation with the partner, gauge if they are strategically learning about your business operations and pain points. This vital information will hint that they want to be a long term partner in helping you improve efficiency and operations.

At RLS, our cold chain storage experts understand that each partner is as unique as their products and company history. Because of this, we offer out of the box solutions to ensure their goals and objectives are being met. It is this dedication to detail that earned RLS the title of Logistics Provider of the Year by Refrigerated and Frozen Food Magazine.

“Great teamwork. We recently integrated with EDI and it is going well. But more importantly it uncovered inefficiencies in our warehouse management and we now actively correcting the process.” – RLS Freight Brokerage and Cold Storage Customer

Perfected customer experiences have high levels of communication and provide transparency in your supply chain. 

Communication and transparency in your transaction are vital when shipping products with a freight brokerage or LTL shipping partner. The same goes for cold storage warehouses and D2C fulfillment: data is power in the supply chain. In a partnership with a 3PL, you can quickly gain foresight on their communication style. How they interact with you, or the lack thereof, is very telling of the company’s operations.

To ensure RLS customers have 24/7 visibility to their supply chains, RLS’ technology team developed a proprietary customer platform, anello©. This platform provides clients with real time data and insights to help drive the decision making processes. RLS continues building developments within the program to make the RLS customer experience seamless from start to finish.

“Finding cold chain solutions can be incredibly challenging, especially for a small business, but RLS has made the process incredibly easy and affordable and has worked with our business as much as possible to do things on the very specific schedule we need. Service has always been friendly and efficient!” – RLS LTL Shipping Customer

Your 3PL warehouse partner should practice exemplary food safety practices.

In the frozen and refrigerated food space, any lack of attention to detail can put products at risk of quality issues, costing companies time and money. 3PL warehouse partners should genuinely care for their partner’s products that they handle as if they were their own. Ask about their quality certifications and procedures to avoid potential quality and safety issues.

Food safety is the top priority for transportation and cold storage at RLS. In 2022, every RLS facility up for certification by the British Retail Consortium Global Standard (BRCGS) earned the highest possible ranking, A.A. This is a testament to the team members’ commitment to protecting customers’ products and keeping them in a safe and quality environment.

Selecting a partner that demonstrates excellence in each part of your journey is essential to the success of your business. The right partner will help you scale your business, communicate well and transparently with you, and keep your products safe.

Discover more about how RLS puts partners first with our cold chain solutions and connect with our Business Development team today.

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