3 Benefits of Partnering with a Freight Brokerage 3PL Company

RLS Logistics, the cold chain storage experts for frozen and refrigerated foods, handle complicated supply chain needs. We understand the needs of our customers and how important it is to have a reliable temp controlled transportation partner in the food industry. Getting product into the hands of your customers is our priority. Finding the right 3PL freight brokerage partner can come with many benefits, giving you the peace of mind you need to run your business. We know food companies value food safety operations, tight temperature control monitoring, on time performance, and 24/7 communication.

RLS Logistics offers a wide range of cold chain solutions, including fully integrated programs like Accelefrate® Managed Transportation Solutions and a la carte services including freight brokerage, cold storage warehousing, LTL freight consolidation, and frozen food order fulfillment. With RLS Logistics’ vast menu of services, cold chain solutions are custom tailored to best fit your company’s needs. 

Cold chain storage and logistics can be complicated, time consuming, and costly if your company is not optimizing your cold supply chain. That is why partnering with the right 3PL company can help your temperature controlled food business succeed. 


Here are 3 Reasons Your Company can Benefit from a Freight Brokerage Partner


The right freight broker can save your company time and money.

Working with a freight brokerage partner will save your organization time and money by not investing in an in house logistics department or carrier management. Through Accelefrate® fully integrated programs, RLS Logistics’ Cold Chain Experts can function as your logistics team. RLS takes the time to learn every aspect of your cold supply chain and seeks out the most cost effective and convenient transportation option for you. It is advantageous to partner with a freight brokerage that fully understands your company and will develop an optimal solution with their vast carrier network and freight expertise. The right 3PL partner will cut down on unnecessary costs. 

Freight brokerage solutions offer capacity and flexibility where contracted carriers cannot. 

RLS Logistics has an extensive network of vetted, professional carriers to assist with our customers’ personalized requests at any time. You can rest assured knowing that your transportation partner has your lanes covered and has the flexibility and capacity to take on new projects as your trusted partner. RLS freight brokerage solutions offer unlimited transportation capacity, which has proven to be essential in the supply chain over the last two years of volatility in the transportation industry.

Building a partnership with a trusted provider can help you scale your business.

RLS Logistics has one of the most robust transportation solutions in the U.S. In addition to transportation, RLS provides cold chain warehousing, frozen food order fulfillment, and other value added services. Having one logistics provider is a hassle free way to track communication and accountability, giving you peace of mind to focus on your core business. RLS is a one of a kind cold chain solution in that we provide a custom, scalable solution to fit your needs across the country.

Let RLS Logistics show your food business the benefits of partnering with the right 3PL company. Click here to get a free, no obligation freight estimate. 

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