Differentiating RLS: Elevating The 3pl Experience

In the logistics industry, frozen and refrigerated food manufacturers have numerous options to choose from when deciding on a 3PL warehouse company for shipping or cold chain solutions. Disappointing customer experiences, delayed deliveries, and food safety issues can quickly result in losing customers. That’s why at RLS, we prioritize building long-term relationships based on trust and personalized service. In this blog, we’ll dive into how our unique value propositions, including our dedicated team, food ­­­­safety measures, commitment to quality, innovative technology, and our way of operating, keep customers returning year after year.

Our unique value propositions were uncovered from a customer survey that asked the simple question: “Why did you choose RLS?” As a result, our propositions were naturally developed, which have always been in our DNA.


Our team of logistics experts is the backbone of our company. We hire passionate individuals who are driven to deliver exceptional customer experience. We build strong customer relationships through open communication, transparency, and trust. As a customer of RLS, your business can rely on our team to get the job done right the first time, consistently meeting deadlines and exceeding their expectations whether they are with RLS for cold storagefreight brokerage or direct to consumer fulfillment.


Delivering safe food products is critical in the logistics industry. Here at RLS, we adhere to strict safety regulations and have implemented robust food safety protocols in accordance with the British Retail Consortium Global Standard to ensure our customers’ products remain safe throughout the entire supply chain. Our team regularly undergoes extensive training and safety audits to ensure that products are safe. As a customer of RLS, you can trust our team of Cold Chain Experts to protect your brand and products. What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to preserving the integrity of perishable products throughout the entire supply chain journey. You can rest easy, as all our facilities have earned the AA rating, the highest by the BRCGS.


cold chain solutions 3PL warehouse company that stands out as a beacon of quality services, redefining the way temperature-sensitive goods are handled and transported. With standalone and integrated cold chain solutions options, our team is dedicated to providing personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs to help you succeed. By offering a range of services, from nationwide transportation management to cold storage warehousing, we ensure that every aspect of your logistics needs are handled with one holistic, trusted partner and with the care it deserves.


As a 55 year family-owned company, our way of operating sets us apart from every other logistics company. Being family-owned, we are flexible and simple to do business with. Our team can be quick and proactive should potential issues arise within the supply chain. We can seamlessly work to develop solutions to mitigate issues without bureaucracy. We pride ourselves on being simple and easy to do business with.


Innovation is a driving force at RLS. We constantly utilize technology to enhance our customers’ experiences and elevate our current processes. With our industry leading supply chain technology customer platform, anello, we can provide real-time visibility into every aspect of our customers’ supply chains. This technology empowers our team and customers to make data-driven decisions that drive efficiency, reduce costs and improve operational performance. We are proud to arm our customers with transparency into their supply chains with our anello platform so they can make informed decisions at their businesses.

In today’s hyper-competitive market, refrigerated and frozen manufacturers need a trustworthy partner to continually deliver reliable, high quality logistics solutions. At RLS, we have built our business on trust, safety, quality, innovation, and ethics. Our unique value propositions are the methodologies that set RLS apart and make us a strong partner for temperature controlled partners. By consistently delivering top-notch service and prioritizing our customers’ needs, we have built long-lasting relationships and fostered a culture of loyalty. The result? Satisfied customers who return year after year.


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