New Jersey Cold Storage Warehouse Expansion Opens

Cold Storage Warehouse Expansion Unveils Increased Capacity and Growth Opportunities

(Glassboro, New Jersey – October 25, 2023) – RLS Logistics, a leading cold chain solutions provider, announces the opening of its expansion at its Newfield, NJ cold storage warehouse. The expansion has brought capacity for all teams at this campus.

“We are excited to bring cold storage capacity to our  Newfield cold storage warehouse. This development provides growth opportunities not only in our cold storage business but also in our direct to consumer fulfillment and cross docking warehouse business units,” said Russell Leo, CEO of RLS Logistics.

New Jersey 3PL Warehouses Provide Vital Relief and Comprehensive Solutions for East Coast Cold Storage and Distribution Needs

Their New Jersey 3PL warehouses offer frozen and refrigerated shippers looking for east coast distribution much-needed relief in public cold storage warehouse capacity. Additionally, they gain access to RLS’ temperature-controlled freight brokerage and LTL shipping services, which include renowned programs such as Walmart pool consolidation and LTL consolidation programs. This enables businesses to efficiently manage their cold storage needs and transportation requirements by integrating with one accountability partner that places a high value on food safety and a cutting edge technology platform.

RLS Logistics’ Newfield, NJ Facility Expansion Receives Strong Positive Response and Drives Growth Opportunities in the East Coast Marketplace

“Our Newfield, NJ facility is a busy campus. Adding cold storage warehouse capacity here has been well received by current and new customers. We are well on our way to filling the space and moving new customers into our network,” says John Gaudet, Vice President of Business Development. “With increased cold storage inventory, enhanced capabilities in fulfillment, and LTL cross docking, this expansion is a great opportunity for the east coast marketplace.”

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ABOUT RLS LOGISTICS: Headquartered in Glassboro, NJ, RLS Logistics is a family-owned, third-party logistics provider specializing in value-added cold chain solutions, including LTL and FTL transportation, cold storage warehousing, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment. Founded in 1968, the company has been owned and managed by the Leo family for over 50 years and has grown into a leading integrated cold chain 3PL. For more information, visit

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