Why Salt Lake City, Utah is an Ideal Location for Direct to Consumer Food Manufacturers

Food manufacturers that operate within the frozen direct to consumer space understand that the location of your fulfillment center operation is vital to ensuring your business can support a competitive supply chain. Our cold chain experts dive into the top three reasons Utah is an excellent option as a location for a direct to consumer fulfillment center operation.  

Access and proximity to markets:

Salt Lake City is centrally located in the western part of the United States and is well connected with the country’s major markets. This makes it the perfect location for food manufacturers who need to distribute their products to various states on the west coast. Salt Lake City is connected to the region’s major highways and railways, making transportation highly accessible and convenient.

Additionally, Salt Lake City, Utah, has a dedicated inland port authority. An inland port model is when containers are transported short distances, staged at the intermodal yard, and loaded onto trains or trucks to reach their final destination. Inland ports are a key piece to ensuring supply chains run efficiently. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Utah is estimated to export nearly $171 million in freight in 2023, with the inland port playing a significant role in exporting operations.

Reach homes of consumers quickly:

With easy access to major highways, rail lines, and the Utah Inland Port, food manufacturers can easily transport their products throughout the western United States. This central location makes it easier for companies to reach their customers while reducing transportation costs. The Utah Inland Port continues to expand, constructing several ports across the state. This increases the flow of goods and will attract new manufacturers, providing substantial economic growth to the area.

Similar to our D2C fulfillment centers in Kansas City and Newfield, NJ, the RLS Salt Lake City fulfillment center can reach 31% of consumers with one day ground shipping and 95% in two days, consistently providing efficient cold chain storage and transportation solutions. Our Cold Chain Experts are trained to handle high volume and built to scale with your business as it grows through seasonality peaks.

Bonus Perk: Receive the Highest Levels of Customer Experience

Moreover, a perk that comes when choosing Salt Lake City and the Cold Chain Experts is having a hands on and personal Diamond Experience. In recent years, frozen food order fulfillment demand has skyrocketed. As orders continue to increase, so can the pressure of simultaneously managing moving parts of your operation.

At RLS, we value communication and transparency, providing real time data insights and visibility into your supply chain. From day one, our team of trusted professionals will take every measure necessary to ensure that your expectations are being fulfilled and that your customers are receiving the highest level of customer experience possible.

When You Choose Salt Lake City, You Choose RLS

Salt Lake City brings a multitude of benefits when it comes to frozen food order fulfillment. From its advantageous location to its easily accessible transportation network, the RLS Salt Lake City Fulfillment Center is a premier facility for businesses looking to grow their reach within the western United States and beyond. When you choose RLS in Salt Lake City, you choose a partner that can scale and grow with your business for the years to come.

Contact our team and discover the Diamond Experience today!

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