Providing Cold Chain Transportation Solutions

Selecting the Right Cold Chain Shipper Partner

Redefining the Norms in the Food Logistics and Supply Chain Management Sector

RLS Logistics is a prominent third-party logistics (3PL) company specializing in frozen and refrigerated cold chain solutions. With over 50 years of experience, RLS offers a comprehensive range of services, including truckload transportation, LTL shipping, cold storage warehousing, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment for a variety of frozen and refrigerated products.

The company caters to industries such as frozen seafood, meat, foods (e.g., French fries, onion rings), vegetables, fruit, pizza, baked goods, desserts, pickles, eggs, and dairy products. RLS aims to challenge larger competitors by providing comparable solutions tailored to the needs of mid to large-sized frozen and refrigerated food companies.

RLS distinguishes itself through five core “Value Propositions,” ensuring a professional and knowledgeable staff, rigorous food safety procedures, custom-tailored logistics solutions, simplicity in doing business, and a data-driven technology platform named “anello.” The CEO, Russell F. Leo, highlights the company’s flexibility, responsiveness, and open communication, emphasizing a personal and straightforward approach that simplifies the supply chain process for clients.

The company’s cold chain solutions encompass fully integrated transportation and cold storage warehousing programs, along with standalone logistics services. RLS employs state-of-the-art electronic order management, shipment planning, and control systems, ensuring order accuracy. The company serves over 2,200 foodservice and retail distributors across the U.S., offering weekly schedules for less than truckload shipping services and participating in the Walmart transportation logistics program.

RLS also provides pick-and-pack fulfillment services for direct-to-consumer customers and operates strategically located cold storage warehouse facilities. As a third-generation, family-owned and operated business, RLS emphasizes accountability through a continuous improvement program. All temperature-controlled operations are GFSI certified for storage and distribution by the British Retail Consortium Global Standard (BRCGS) and comply with government and USDA regulations.

    Setting RLS Apart By Enhancing the 3PL Journey

    RLS Logistics differentiates itself in the 3PL warehouse industry, particularly in serving frozen and refrigerated food manufacturers. We emphasize the importance of customer satisfaction, timely deliveries, and food safety in retaining clients. RLS prioritizes building long-term relationships based on trust and personalized service. The key value propositions that set RLS apart include:

    Trusted 3PL Experts:

    • RLS highlights its team of dedicated logistics experts as the company’s foundation.
    • Hiring passionate individuals, the company focuses on open communication, transparency, and trust to build strong customer relationships.
    • RLS commits to consistently meeting deadlines and exceeding customer expectations, whether in cold storage, freight brokerage, or direct-to-consumer fulfillment.

    Cold Chain Food Safety:

    • RLS adheres to strict safety regulations and implements robust food safety protocols, complying with the British Retail Consortium Global Standard.
    • The team undergoes extensive training and safety audits, aiming to ensure the safety of customers’ products.
    • RLS emphasizes its unwavering commitment to preserving the integrity of perishable products throughout the entire supply chain, with all facilities earning the highest AA rating from BRCGS.

    Provider of Quality Services:

    • RLS positions itself as a provider of quality services, redefining the handling and transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.
    • The company offers personalized solutions tailored to unique needs, covering nationwide transportation management to cold storage warehousing.
    • RLS aims to handle all aspects of logistics needs as one holistic and trusted partner.

    A Family-Owned Way of Operating:

    • As a 55-year family-owned company, RLS prides itself on flexibility and simplicity in doing business.
    • The family-owned structure allows the team to be quick and proactive in addressing potential supply chain issues, and developing solutions without bureaucracy.
    • RLS emphasizes being simple and easy to do business with.

    Supply Chain Technology:

    • RLS showcases its commitment to innovation by utilizing technology to enhance customer experiences and improve processes.
    • The anello platform, described as an industry-leading supply chain technology, provides real-time visibility into customers’ supply chains.
    • This technology empowers both RLS’s team and customers to make data-driven decisions, aiming to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and improve operational performance.

    RLS Logistics aims to elevate the 3PL experience through a combination of trusted people, a focus on food safety, quality services, a family-owned and flexible way of operating, and innovative technology that provides transparency into customers’ supply chains.

    Full Truckload

    What Sets RLS Freight Brokerage Apart?

    RLS Logistics offers a comprehensive solution for manufacturers of frozen and refrigerated foods, providing a direct line of communication with our Cold Chain Experts and utilizing an extensive network of carriers. Recognizing our crucial role in safeguarding our customers’ brands, RLS ensures the safety and security of products in our care.

    Functioning as a trusted freight broker, RLS takes the time to understand every aspect of a client’s business, creating customized transportation and cold storage warehouse solutions. The team focuses on achieving optimal performance, and cost savings, and offers valuable business intelligence data for continuous improvement.

    Through our managed transportation solution, Accelefrate MTS, clients gain access to Cold Chain Experts and cutting-edge technology, resulting in increased supply chain efficiency and reduced overhead costs. RLS becomes an extension of the client’s team, managing all logistical needs.

    The benefits of RLS Freight Brokerage include a dedicated and trusted team, 24/7 operations for on-time performance, adherence to BRCGS food safety requirements, reliable and tailored services, and real-time data access through the anello customer platform. Choosing RLS allows businesses to focus more on their core operations and less on logistics and supply chain management.

    LTL Shipping

    LTL Shipping with Nationwide Temperature Control

    Our LTL shipping program offers the flexibility for customers to decide whether to store inventory at an RLS cold storage warehouse or have products picked up from their own facilities. We provide weekly pickups from various locations, such as docks, external warehouses, or co-packers, allowing customers to leverage consistent frozen and refrigerated shipping schedules and our temperature-controlled cross-dock facility.

    Eliminating challenges associated with Northeast Deliveries is made easy by dropping off products at our temperature-controlled cross-dock facility for deconsolidation. Utilizing our cold storage warehouses further grants the advantage of final mile delivery at reduced rates.

    Our cross-docking facility in Newfield, NJ, streamlines logistics by receiving pre-tagged and palletized products, which our team of cold chain experts consolidates and sorts onto trucks for nationwide shipment. Conveniently located near major metropolitan areas, including Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, DE, New York City, NY, and Boston, MA, this program enables customers to efficiently ship products to retailers, food services, utilize Walmart transportation logistics, and more.

    Cross Docking

    Efficient Domestic Transport with RLS' Cross Docking Warehouse in Newfield, NJ

    A cross-docking warehouse serves as a short-term 3PL solution for efficiently moving frozen and refrigerated products, eliminating the need for traditional cold storage. This process involves receiving and unloading inbound trucks, swiftly consolidating and loading outbound trucks destined for retail, warehouse, and distribution center locations nationwide. The continual transportation of products from the cross-dock facility to their final destinations negates the necessity for conventional cold storage solutions.

    Ideal for the frozen and refrigerated food industry, cross docking caters to the industry’s need for reduced inventories with smaller and more frequent orders. With a trusted partner like RLS Logistics, offering LTL shipping services aligned with specific due dates, customers experience enhanced accountability and an improved overall customer journey. The strategic proximity of RLS Logistics’ cross-dock warehouse in Newfield, NJ ensures consistent and prompt service to metropolitan areas, including Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore MD, New York City, NY, and Boston, MA.

    The advantages of utilizing a cross dock encompass reduced storage space and inventory costs, up-to-date food safety programs ensuring precise temperature control, quality control measures minimizing product damage, and accelerated delivery times with strategic placement near retailers and distribution centers. Cost savings are achieved through the consolidation of smaller shipments bound for the same location, paying only for the utilized space on the truck. The inclusion of day-specific delivery programs caters to the needs of retail and food service centers.

    Getting involved in RLS’s cross-docking process is simplified through three convenient options: storing inventory at RLS Northeast Logistics Centers, delivering pre-tagged orders directly to the Newfield, NJ cross-dock warehouse, or scheduling RLS to pick up orders directly from facilities across the country.

    Managed Transportation Solutions

    Optimized Efficiency with RLS Accelefrate® Managed Logistics Programs

    Experience the efficiency of Accelefrate® MVC and MTS programs firsthand. RLS seamlessly integrates transportation and warehousing, eliminating the complexities of coordinating with multiple providers. Enjoy cost savings of up to 5% on your traditional supply chain expenses by consolidating services with one quality logistics and cold storage partner.

    Partnering with the responsible team of cold chain experts under Accelefrate® MTS ensures heightened service quality. By centralizing your shipping needs and leveraging RLS’s expertise, systems, and flexibility, you can eliminate the need for multiple shipping partners, resulting in decreased overhead costs. With a dedicated RLS team member assigned, we handle truckload and LTL orders efficiently, allowing you to focus on your core business.